Fish Printz
“When your boys hand you fish make printz”

Gyotaku: Japenese, from gyo “Fish”+ taku “rubbing” is a traditional form of Japanese fish printing, dating from the mid 1800’s, a form of nature printing used by fishermen to record their catches.

(“Gee-oh-tah-koo”)is a simple art form of pressing a fish to rice paper traditionally using inks. Kdub Designz has taken this art form to another level. I have exchanged rice paper for fabric and inks for fabric paints. To create what I called “Fish Printz”, My Family and I have enjoyed the riches of the keys waters for years. As an Artist/interior designer, I have always enjoyed the colors and details of the fish and creatures we bring home. This is my way of keeping the stories (and some tales) alive in hearts forever!