Printz Process

 Step 1:

Find yourself some great Fishermen or women! My family and our love for the water plus fishing was my inspiration for this line! Where it all began…

Step 2:

Get all your supplies..I use non-toxic water based fabric paints. This way we don’t worry about eating the fish after 🙂

Step 3:

Choose your paints colors and paint! Trade secret: Paint in the opposite direction of the scales..this makes for a better print. As you print more and more you will learn a lot about how much paint and water to use. It’s all trial and error…If is doesn’t good well one day. Try the next 🙂

My secret weapon!

He loves to help Mommy!

Step 4:

Your pretty painted fish!  Don’t admire it too long the paint does dry pretty fast. Especially on a warm Keys day.

Step 5:

Grab your fabric of choice..Depending on what you are using it for. The original process of “Gyotaku” was done using Black or Blue Ink and Rice paper. My first printz, I used acrylic paints and canvas(Which work well for paintings). For my clothing line, I use Muslin and Fabric Paints. The possibilities are endless. Experiment play around with it and have FUN!

Step 6:

Lay the fabric on the fish and press! Simple as that, I use more of a rubbing motion. I typically start by rubbing the tail. It seems to dry the fastest. Then, I will expand the dorsal fins to make for a more exciting print. Once, you are satisfied that you have all the details. Get ready for the BIG reveal!!!!

Step 7:

Admire your handy work, make more playing with different colors and brushes. Take your printz and make whatever your heart desires!

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Peace Out!

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