Traveling Kdubz

One of my favorite things to do is see Kdubz going places! It inspires me to think a little piece of myself is traveling with you wherever you go.  So, this page is dedicated to my FANZ send me your pictures and stories of Kdub Designz going places and I will post them here! Wouldn’t it be cool if together we could see Kdubz in every state, country or Dreaming BIG every County and Island ;)?

My ultimate dream would be to have an interactive world map filled with pinpoints and pictures of Traveling Kdub stories! If, you know how to make this a reality. Please, let me know!

Send your pictures and stories to…… can also follow me on facebook


Hi Kim,

I know your email address must have been on your FB page and I just failed to locate it, thanks for sending it!

Beautiful design on a great shirt! It fit wonderfully and as you can see very sliming with V neck that’s not cut too low. Light weight for packing and wearing! I would highly recommend more of that cut with different Kdub designs!!!!

My Kdubdesign spent most of it’s time in Bucerias Mexico but, this photo was taken in the city of Puerto Vallarta with me staring up at the little boys butt! This little boy riding a sea horse, has become the symbol of Puerto Vallarta

I love your enthusiasm, talent and the fact you are a local girl and hope to watch Kdubdesigns go far. I will be watching for you at every local show and talking you up.

Happy designing Kdubs!!

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